Currently, I live in Gainesville, FL where I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Biology at the University of Florida.  I am also the Research Director of a non-profit sea turtle research project on Wassaw Island, GA called the Caretta Research Project.  I started this blog/website because I wanted to have platform from which people (family, friends and colleagues) from my past, present and future can see what I’ve done, what I’m currently doing, and perhaps what I am hoping to do.

I was born in St. Louis, MO and was raised primarily in Iowa City, IA.  I also spent a good deal of my childhood in Oregon and to a lesser extent in Florida.  My first memories of biology (and my life really) are of catching fish in the Iowa River, lizards in subterranean garbage cans in Florida, and crabs in tide pools on the Oregon Coast.

It wasn’t until I volunteered on the Caretta Research Project at the age of 15 that I realized that I could actually have a job as a biologist.  From that point on, I don’t think any other profession was even an option.  While continuing to volunteer and then intern for the Caretta Research Project, I finished high school and pursued an undergraduate degree in biology at the University of Iowa and the University of Florida (UF).  During two years at UF and one-year post-bachelors in Australia, I worked in the Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research.  In 2009, I received my Master’s Degree in biology from Florida State University and returned to UF to pursue my Ph.D.  In 2011, I was hired as the Research Director of the Caretta Research Project.

As this is primarily a professional blog, I have included pages that briefly describe my current research interests and endeavors, my education, my experience and my publications.  However, I also wanted to included a page where I can post pictures from my travels for my friends and family to see.  I hope this blog/website satisfies whatever “itch” you came here to “scratch.”


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